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Most Comprehensive Origins of Clich s, Proverbs and Figurative Expressions Index for All Volumes was specifically compiled to tie together all three volumes of this unique work, making it an easily referenced work with over , entries which may be used by any person desiring to discover the most accurate information available on the meanings and origins of idiomatic English, not only in America, but in all countries in which English is the primary language Not only does this study embrace figurative speech, but contains many foreign phrases which have been integrated into our everyday conversation and reading It also has proverbs and sayings which predate English, originally being in Hebrew, Latin, and other tongues, some of which have existed for thousands of years Many expressions have been incorrectly attributed by other sources While no work is perfect, these books have been meticulously researched, and some updated as new information became available The Original Volume has found its way into public, school and university libraries, and has received much praise from professors, authors, clergymen and newspaper journalistsStanley J St Clair is the author of overpublished books, and his articles and poetry have appeared in American publications, as well as several in other countries He is the owner of St Clair Publications, and a retired insurance agency manager He has an LUTCF designation from the National Association of Life Underwriters, and is a graduate of Covington Theological Seminary with degree in Religious Education He also briefly studied creative writing at Tennessee State University He was knighted inby The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, and is a Kiwanian who has served in every position in his local club, as well as a past Vice President of the Kentucky Tennessee District of Kiwanis International He was a long term Commissioner and a past Eastern US Vice President of the Scottish Clan Sinclair Inhe was honored as a member of the Cambridge Who s Who He has three living children, one stepdaughter, fourteen grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren He and his wife, Rhonda, live in Tennessee