download Textbooks How to Reassess Your Chess: Chess Mastery Through ImbalancesAuthor Jeremy Silman –

How to Reassess Your Chess has long been considered a modern classic This th edition takes Silman s groundbreaking concept of imbalances to a whole new level Designed for players in thetorating range and for teachers looking for a ready made chess curriculum, the author shares a mind expanding journey that takes the reader through imbalance basics, ensures that every detail of all the imbalances are mastered, and leaves the player lover of chess with something he always wanted but never believed he could achieve a master level positional foundation Hundreds of games brought to life by instruction rich prose, and stories that offer humor while highlighting various lessons, vividly illustrate all the book s topics in a manner that s both personal and fun Jeremy Silman is an International Master and a world class teacher, writer, and player who has won the American Open, the National Open, and the US Open