books pdf Marvel's SPIDER-MAN: Hostile Takeover By David Liss –

The official prequel to MARVEL S SPIDER MAN, the PS exclusive video game from Marvel and Insomniac Games, with a thrilling adventure that leads directly into the game narrative itselfTHE OFFICIAL PREQUEL TO THE BLOCKBUSTER ACTION VIDEO GAME PETER PARKER is caught in a complicated web Working in a cutting edge laboratory, he s a young scientist who s trying to make a difference Yet he s constantly burdened by the responsibilities of his second career as the crime fighting SPIDER MANWilson Fisk the so called Kingpin of Crime has returned to New York, establishing himself publicly as an altruistic entrepreneur and philanthropist Spider Man knows better, but he can t uncover Fisk s scheme that, if executed, will make the crime lord too big to fail When a new threat a deadly doppelganger with Spider Man s suit and abilities wreaks havoc in the streets, can the real wall crawler prove his innocence With the clock ticking and lives on the line, can Spider Man stop the brutal rampage of the Blood Spider Will Spider Man fall to his fears and foes, or will he rise and be greater