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Practiced worldwide, the Reid Technique is the leading approach to interview and interrogation practices Since , hundreds of thousands of investigators have received training in the Reid Technique through Criminal Interrogation and Confessions The updated, the abridged version of this best seller is now available in a new edition from the experts at John E Reid and Associates, Inc The updated second edition of best selling Essentials of the Reid Technique Criminal Interrogation and Confessions teaches readers how to identify and interpret verbal and nonverbal behaviors of both deceptive and truthful people, and how to move toward obtaining solid confessions from guilty persons The Reid Technique is built around basic psychological principles and presents interrogation as an easily understood nine step process Separated into two parts, What You Need to Know About Interrogation and Employing the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation, this book will help readers understand the effective and proper way that a suspect should be interrogated and the safeguards that should be in place to ensure the integrity of the confession

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