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A peculiarly thrilling and vigorous tale of adventure Andrew Lang It goes and it grips and it moves with all the freshness of youth Rudyard KiplingWhen Robert Louis Stevenson s Treasure Island was first published, H Rider Haggard made a five shilling bet that he could write a better adventure tale In , he createdKing Solomon s Mines, a story in which Allan Quatermain, a gentleman adventurer, is hired to locate a man who had disappeared into the heart of Africa while hunting for the legendary lost diamond mines of King Solomon The book became an instant sensation and has remained popular ever sinceTales of adventure in exotic settings were the hallmark of Haggard s art and King Solomon s Mines was no exception Here were all the elements for which his novels were famous a gripping tale in a foreign setting, supernatural adventures, terror, passion, and discovery Praised as the most amazing story ever written, the book went on to become one of the bestselling novels of the th century