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More than two thousand years ago, Aristotle established unique standards of philosophic inquiry, observation, and judgment This book offers a contemporary reevaluation of the philosophy of the master of Western thought, and shows his vital, continuing influence in our modern worldAristotle was born at Stageira, in the dominion of the kings of Macedonia, inBC For twenty years he studied at Athens in the Academy of Plato, on whose death inhe left, and, some time later, became tutor of the young Alexander the Great When Alexander succeeded to the throne of Macedonia in , Aristotle returned to Athens and established his school and research institute, the Lyceum, to which his great erudition attracted a large number of scholars After Alexander s death in , anti Macedonian feeling drove Aristotle out of Athens, and he fled to Chalcis in Euboea, where he died inHis writings, which were of extraordinary range, profoundly affected the whole course of ancient and medieval philosophy, and they are still eagerly studied and debated by philosophers today Very many of them have survived and among the most famous are the Ethics and the Politics