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From the McDonald s hot coffee case to the cattle ranchers beef with Oprah Winfrey, from the old English Assize of Bread to current nutrition labeling laws, what we eat and how we eat are shaped as much by legal regulations as by personal taste Barry M Levenson, the curator of the world famous really Mount Horeb Mustard Museum and a self proclaimed recovering lawyer, offers in Habeas Codfish an entertaining and expert overview of the frustrating, frightening, and funny intersections of food and the law Discover how Mr Peanut shaped the law of trademark infringement for the entire food industry Consider the plight of the restaurant owner besmirched by a journalist s negative review Find out how traditional Jewish laws of kashrut ran afoul of the First Amendment Prison meals, butter vs margarine, definitions of organic food, undercover ABC reporters at the Food Lion, the Massachusetts Supreme Court case that saved fish chowder, even recipes it s all in here, so tuck in