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Tort Law Concentrate is a high quality revision guide which covers the main topics found on undergraduate and GDL courses The clear, succinct coverage of key legal points within a specific topic area, including key cases, enables students to quickly grasp the fundamental principles of this fast moving area The book focuses on the needs of students to succeed in their exams, showing how all the legal rules fit together and the approach that should be adopted when answering questions A range of pedagogical features help with preparation for exams and suggest numerous ways to improve marks OUP s Concentrate revision series is endorsed by students and lecturers for its level of coverage, accuracy, and exam advice Tort Law Concentrate has been rigorously reviewed by law lecturers from a range of universities Tort Law Concentrate is accompanied by a free, open access Online Resource Centre oxfordtextbooks orc concentrate which offers the following resources to support students Multiple choice questions which provide instant feedback Interactive flashcards of key cases the student is presented with a case and has to supply the principle, or vice versa Interactive version of glossary Updates to case law and legislation Further reading Web links to key online sources Advice on revision and exam technique authored by renowned textbook writer and experienced examiner Nigel Foster, Professor of Law and Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham