Coulson on Construction Adjudication (book and digital pack) –

Review from previous edition Review from previous edition Both learned and lucid, this edition is an easy to read, easy to use guide that will undoubtedly help you cut through the complexities and complications of this often vexed area of law Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor, Richmond Green ChambersCompanion website a href oup coulson a This fourth edition of Sir Peter Coulson s highly regarded work on construction adjudication, widely considered to be the leading authority in the field, continues to provide comprehensive analysis of the law and practice of adjudication in construction and engineering disputes Thoroughly revised with reference to overnew adjudication cases, the new edition of this popular title also provides an analysis of the increase in smash and grab payment claims brought by contractors based on the procedural omissions of the employer The book has also expanded to cover developments in the Technology and Construction Court s TCC practice and procedure for dealing with smash and grab claims, and includes practical guidance from the TCC and Commercial Court as to the necessary ethical principles to be adopted by adjudicators This work is the definitive guide to the law and practice of construction adjudication, making it an essential reference work for all those involved with construction law Coulson on Construction Adjudication, Fourth Edition Hardback version of this book Coulson on Construction Adjudication book and digital pack , Fourth Edition The digital pack includes a digital version available on PC, Mac, Android devices, iPad or iPhone to ensure that you have access to the latest developments wherever you are