Free Best All Hell Let Loose: The World at War 1939-1945Author Max Hastings –

A magisterial history of the greatest and most terrible event in history, from one of the finest historians of the Second World War A book which shows the impact of war upon hundreds of millions of people around the world soldiers, sailors and airmen housewives, farm workers and children Reflecting Max Hastings s thirty five years of research on World War II, All Hell Let Loose describes the course of events, but focuses chiefly upon human experience, which varied immensely from campaign to campaign, continent to continent The author emphasises the Russian front, wherethan % of all German soldiers who perished met their fate He argues that, while Hitler s army often fought its battles brilliantly well, the Nazis conducted their war effort with stunning incompetence He suggests that the Royal Navy and US Navy were their countries outstanding fighting services, while the industrial contribution of the United States was muchimportant to allied victory than that of the US Army The book ranges across a vast canvas, from the agony of Poland amid the SeptemberNazi invasion, to theBengal famine, in which at least a million people died under British rule and British neglect Among many vignettes, there are the RAF s legendary raid on the Ruhr dams, the horrors of Arctic convoys, desert tank combat, jungle clashes Some of Hastings s insights and judgements will surprise students of the conflict, while there are vivid descriptions of the tragedies and triumphs of a host of ordinary people, in uniform and out of it The cliche is profoundly true , he says The world betweenandsaw some human beings plumb the depths of baseness, while others scaled the heights of courage and nobility This is everyman s story , an attempt to answer the question What was the Second World War like , and also an overview of the big picture Max Hastings employs the technique which has made many of his previous books best sellers, combining top down analysis and bottom up testimony to explore the meaning of this vast conflict both for its participants and for posterity